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Get the perfect solution for managing salesmen with Phenix

Phenix system offers the most important features that achieve successful management of the external sales process, starting from determining the commission rates of delegates on products to achieving the specific sales targets for each salesman.

  • Organizing the structure of the salesmen by defining the supervisors and salesmen and their targets (sales percentage - collection percentage).
  • Organizing sales operations for delegates through the Phenix van sales application (Android App).
  • Track the movement of delegates to ensure the best customer service.
Phenix Vansales Solution
Phenix Vansales Solution

Organizing the sales employee work

  • Organizing the client's visit and all operations (sales - sales returns - receipt of payment..).

  • Display the pictures of all products.

  • Get reports about the inventory, customer account statment, daily balance.

  • Obtaining complete daily statistical information that includes (daily sales value - sales quantity of each item..).

Manage your sales staff faster

  • Activating the discounts and bonuses system.

  • Determining pricing types for the products available to the salesman.

  • Define the salesman's daily work plan.

  • Allocate customer groups, and items groups for each salesman.

  • Monitoring and following up the salesmen through the GPS service.

Phenix Vansales Solution

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