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Clinic Managment

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Looking for a solid management solution for your clinic?

Phenix systems offer you the perfect solution, you will be able to control your medical center financially and administratively, as the system includes comprehensive mechanisms to facilitate patient movement within the center, follow up on bills and provide services, supported by advanced financial, administrative, and service reports

Easy to use

Install the program and start working immediately without the need for any technical assistance

Accurate reports

Get the most accurate reports that meet your medical center requirements

For all departments

Suitable for all departments of your medical center, reception, follow-up, clinics, doctors...

Mobility solution

Phenix offers the ability to monitor your business wherever you are, with powerful mobile applications

Phenix Clinic Solution


Satisfied Clients

A system that gives your business what it needs at the right time

the medical center structure

Here you can define all sections and rooms of the medical center, in addition to the medical team and nurses, and the services provided by the center and their prices.



Appointments are organized by reserving the appointment for the specified patient according to the desired service of the specified doctor, with the possibility of canceling, confirming or deleting the appointment.


Medical services

It is a general window for the operations that the doctor can apply from carrying out the service, prescribing medication, and adding or requesting other services to the patient from another department .



Here you can monitor and audit the patient's movement within the center, which gives control over the quality of service provision in terms of time spent and the quality of the medical service.



Create and pay bills, apply discounts, add services and change pricing. Payment can be made in more than one way such as insurance companies or credit cards.



You can get reports that help in making decisions such as reports of provided services, detailed work, patient visits, completed and canceled appointments...



Full support working with insurance companies, where bills are processed according to the services covered by the patient insurance policy.


TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities

TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities

Egyptian Tax Authority

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority


Confused about taking the decision?

Phenix system provides you with a wide and rich set of financial and accounting reports that will help you make the right decision at the right time

  • Profit and loss (P&L)
  • Liquidity Ratios
Phenix Clinic Solution

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