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About us

About Phenix

Short brief about Phenix

Phenix GmbH is a company licensed in the Federal Republic of Germany and working in the software development field for the management of businesses.

The main product in the company is Phenix Enterprise Management System, and the company has started developing it in 2003, within a development plan to be a comprehensive administrative solution for companies with their various commercial, industrial, and service activities.

During the years of its work, the company won the trust of more than 15 thousand customers in the Arab world, and it always seeks to serve its customers through its regional offices, or free of charge through the Internet through the main technical support

20 Years of Experience

Why Choose Us

Phenix is ​​the best accounting software that you may have, it is the most suitable for your company, whether small or large, by providing solutions and financial management in one package that combines ease, strength, and reliability together, which made Phenix gain the trust of more than 15,000 customers in the Arab world, Turkey and Europe

Because your service matters to us

Our company provides after-sales services and technical support to all its customers for free through the Internet, by a professional technical team.


Because we develop

You will always find that Phenix system keeps developing with the latest technologies, and provides appropriate solutions for all businesses, through applications on mobile devices, websites, and online stores, and integrate with external services.


Because your data privacy is important to us

All Phenix system data is stored locally on the client's device, we do not collect or share any data for our clients, and all the data that is exported is encrypted and secure.


Our goal is to build a solid relationship of trust with our customers

TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities

accounting system compatible with tax systems, an accounting program accredited by government agencies

Egyptian Tax Authority

An accounting system compatible with the systems of the General Authority for Zakat and Income in Saudi Arabia, an accounting program approved by the tax systems

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

accounting system compatible with tax systems, an accounting program accredited by government agencies


Join now more than 15 thousand customers, and enjoy the success with us

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