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HR Solution

What does Phenix HR management system offer you?

The HR system is one of the most important departments within companies, as it is concerned with the creation of the organizational structure of the company with its two parts (organizational structure, organizational instructions), and is concerned with managing one of the most important assets of the company, which is the human resource.

  • HR and Payroll in one place.
  • Build the company's organizational structure.
  • Employee time control.
  • Employees performance Evaluation.
Phenix HR Solution

HR and Payroll in one place

Phenix HR system allows you to set up an organizational structure for the company's departments and create a complete file for each employee that includes: Contracts between the company and the employee - Personal, family, professional and academic information about each employee - Multiple image system, to plan the employee's career path through the sequence of contracts.

It also provides the possibility to create a salary structure and establish a compensation, health, and social insurance system so that this process is defined by sequential steps, starting from following up on daily work records and preparing payrolls for employees and ending with end-of-service compensation.

Phenix HR Solution
TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities


Egyptian Tax Authority


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority



Phenix HR Solution


Phenix provides you with the ability to monitor employees and calculate salaries and wages as follows:

  • Full integration with time attendance devices
  • Calculating salaries based on the well-known working hours in companies (shifts - unlimited hours - fixed hours - variable hours)
  • Process working hours during holidays.
  • Processing overtime, delays, absences, bonuses and rebates

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