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PTP Sync

What is Phenix PTP Srvice?

PTP is a secure way for transferring data between geographically distributed branches of the company, Which leads to the process of saving data within a centralized database and thus obtaining comprehensive and detailed reports at the level of the company as a whole and at the level of each of its branches.

The data transmission takes place through the Internet every specified period of time, and the most important feature of the service is that it maintains the database of each branch independently of the other, meaning that the interruption of the Internet does not drop the work.

The service is available in two versions:

Normal PTP

The data is synchronized every specified period of time specified in the system options, for example every 10 minutes

PTP Plus

With this version, synchronization works automatically when any data is available for import or export, which reduces waiting times.

Phenix PTP Solution

Is my financial data secure?

Data security is the responsibility of the users in this service, because the data is completely stored on the client's servers.

During the synchronization operations, the data is fully compressed and encrypted, and small pieces of data are stored temporarily on the company's servers, until receiving the synchronization request from the branches.

After synchronizing the data, the information is permanently deleted from our servers.

Phenix PTP Solution

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