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Pharmacy Stores

How can Phenix system help you manage your pharmacy?

Phenix system offers a suite of solutions that help automate the pharmacy workflow. This includes many tasks such as reviewing orders, preparing medicines, controlling inventory, preparing lists of damaged and expired materials, issuing purchase orders, handling invoices and insurance, as well as calculating costs and profits.

  • Organize the work through easy and convenient interfaces
  • Helpful apps on mobile devices (Android and Apple)
  • Various accounting, warehousing and administrative reports
  • Integrated with online web store
Phenix Pharmacy Solution

What offers Phenix system for your pharmacy?

Materials and items management

Classification of drugs through groups according to the manufacturer or composition, with the possibility of multiple units and barcodes for each drug


Drug alternatives

When there is insufficient balance of one of the required medicines or when the pharmacist needs it, the system displays the alternative medicines available in the pharmacy for the required medicine


Expiry dates

To avoid selling medicines whose expiry date is nearing, the system also alerts when buying medicines whose expiry date is close to expiry based on a certain number of days.


Minimum and Maximum Stock

Determine the maximum and minimum limits for any drug in the pharmacy, with the possibility to generate a report with the out-of-stock items.


Delivery solution

If you provide a delivery service, you can use Phenix delivery application to deliver orders to drivers, follow them up, and send the shipment location to customers.



You can work on a single database distributed geographically among your branches through the data synchronization service, and obtain reports for each branch

Phenix Pharmacy Solution

Pharmacy point of sales options

  • Supporting various payment methods (cash - deferred - electronic payment methods).
  • The ability to specify user permissions at the points of sale
  • Advanced search for materials by name, barcode, composition...
  • The ability to display detailed information, such as the balance of the material in the pharmacy, alternative medicines, expiration date...
  • Full support for customer loyalty points
Phenix Pharmacy Solution
quality-shape quality-shape Phenix Pharmacy Applications

Supportive Applications

Inventory App

The Inventory Manager application offers the possibility of inventorying warehouses and managing input and output operations from warehouses. Data is stored temporarily on mobile devices and then synchronized with Phenix program.

Drivers App

It helps to manage and follow up the work of delivery drivers, by loading the orders from Phenix system, and you can follow the drivers up online through Google Maps.


E-commerce integration

Items Sync

Synchronize all fields of materials and items for the e-commerce website with their images and all modifications made to them

Clients Sync

Import all customers who have registered with the e-commerce site into the customer directory in Phenix


Orders Sync

Import new orders from the e-commerce site and generating the corresponding invoices, and symc the status of orders.

Stock Sync

Synchronize and update material balances within the e-commerce site with full support for material specifications

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