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Restaurant Solution

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Simplify and automate your management

To manage your restaurant, you need multiple tools to help you achieve profit, reduce costs, and control warehouses.

Phenix Restaurant System provides you with all necessary tools to achieve the main objectives of restaurant management

Order management

Control the sales process, whether for fast food restaurants or in the case of halls and tables system.

Kitchen management

Adjust and control the food preparation process in the kitchen through printers or screens connected to the system.

Recipe management

Phenix allows you to manage recipes and ingredients so that you can control the costs of your meals and raw materials in warehouses

Supportive Applications

Waiter app, e-menu app, delivery app, online store... In short, everything you need and more



Satisfied Clients

Phenix system offers you several tools that help you design your restaurant, organize your halls, and adjust the incoming requests for the restaurant


Phenix system allows you to define the meals served in the restaurant and distribute them according to the sections (western meals - oriental meals - buffet - sweets - drinks - ...).


Halls and Tables

Define the restaurant halls (events hall - terrace - ...) are determined and the number of tables for each hall is determined, and the tables can be displayed as they are by designing the distribution of tables in the restaurant.


Recipe management

By linking the raw materials used in preparing meals with each meal in order to calculate the cost and control the inventory



It includes meal modifiers, which are associated with meals that do not affect the price, and selection questions, which are also associated with meals, but affect the price and the inventory



The system distributes the requests of each table according to the kitchen sections so that each printer prints the meals specified for it, or by distributing the orders on distributed screens within the kitchen sections.



By adding cards for waiters and allocating tables for each one, whereby the sales process carried out by each waiter is controlled and the cash balance available with him is monitored.


Restaurant point of sales options

  • Cache sales

    It is the perfect choice for fast-food restaurants, where the employee can enter the customer's request using the touch screen, view the value of the invoice, and enter the value of the customer's payment.

  • Restaurant sales

    It is the default option in restaurants that have halls and tables distributed among the restaurant waiters. This window allows the waiter to perform many tasks such as:

  • Mobile applications

    Phenix system allows also ordering through mobile applications that have been developed specifically for the restaurant sector, such as smart waiter and E-Menu.

Phenix Restaurant Solution

Confused how to control the restaurant?

Phenix software provides you with a wide range of accurate reports that will help you to control the restaurant and control the employees

  • Material deletion report
  • Material Price editing report
  • Material quantity editing report
  • Report of undoing closing tables
  • Report of Table division and merging
Phenix Restaurant Solution
TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities


Egyptian Tax Authority


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority



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Supportive Applications

Phenix offers you a set of applications to help you manage your restaurant

Smart waiter

It helps the waiter to perform several operations on the tables, such as opening and closing any table in addition to entering the customer's order on the table and sending this request to the kitchen to prepare it.


The customer can use this app to view the pictures of all the meals in the restaurant, know the ingredients and price of each meal, and make the order directly without the need to wait for the waiter.


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