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Phenix inventory management

Your best solution to organize stores

Items & classes chart

No matter how large your products are and their details are varied, you can import them from Excel to Phenix in a fast and accurate way.

Advanced Barcode

Control your inventory by using an auto-generated barcode systems and make your stocktaking, receiving and delivering merchandise in quick and simple ways.

Evaluate Products

Phenix system helps you monitor the cost of your products step by step from supplier to your warehouse with easy mechanisms to add all additional costs (Freight - customs clearance - purchase commissions ....).

Branch Exchange

Save your time with Phenix system and get a complete inventory of your branches warehouses then move your products immediately between branches.

Serial numbers

You can generate serial numbers for your products or enter them, with full control of the movement of serial numbers and prevent their repetition, with control of negative sales

Advanced features

Support for expiry dates and multiple specifications for a single product (color - source - size ....) to allow adjusting the quantity and cost of each product.

quality-shape quality-shape Phenix Inventory

Supportive Applications

Support your documentary cycle by using Phenix apps for inventory then do all your receiving, delivering and settlements from your smart phone.

TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities


Egyptian Tax Authority


Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority



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