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Best Accounting Software for companies

Phenix program offers you advanced solutions with the best integrated and powerful accounting software for companies It is compatible with all tax systems, licensed and approved by many government tax authorities in the Arab countries and the Federal Republic of Germany.

It is a powerful integrated accounting system, It has all the solutions you may need to organize your company

Phenix system accounting system for companies

Easy to use

Install Phenix program and start your accounting and work experience immediately without the need for any technical assistance

Accurate reports

Get the most accurate reports that meet your company requirements

For all sectors

Phenix offers the perfect solution for your company, whether it is small, medium or large

Mobility solution

The Phenix system provides the ability to monitor your business wherever you are, through powerful mobile applications and through a web browser

phenix system ,best accounting software for companies,Fenix
phenix program ,best accounting system for companies


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top 10 Accounting software for service companies ,Electronic accounting software
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Accounting software development

With the development of life and the increase in the need for artificial intelligence and technology in our lives, accounting programs had to be developed as well. Where accounting software has evolved to the extent that it has become possible to save you a lot of time and effort incurred by you in the absence of it

Its presence has become necessary to keep pace with all mathematical developments and to prevent you from making major mistakes in your accounts, and from it, accounting programs are ready for a revolution with bookkeeping operations and making a quantum leap for all companies and shops,

Many companies are preparing to transfer all data to accounting programs, whether traditional accounting programs or cloud accounting programs, to increase the growth of their commercial and service businesses.

 phenix program ,best accounting system for companies
Why Phenix

20 Years of Experience in Software Innovation In Your Hands

The best cloud accounting program for small or large companies, and is compatible with electronic invoicing and tax systems in the Middle East, the Arab world, Turkey and Europe

What are the services offered by Phenix program?

  • Accounting program for managing stores and warehouses and sales
  • Accounting software for managing accounts
  • HR management accounting software
  • Restaurant management accounting software
  • Point of sale accounting software
  • Accounting program for managing medical clinics
  • Accounting program for pharmacy management
  • Hotel management accounting software
  • With many modern applications associated with the Phenix program to provide wide services.....
 A powerful and integrated accounting program for companies(ERB),phenixsoft

Phenix Solutions

Phenix provide you the best accounting software, to manage and organize your business and connect your business with supporting applications


Phenix is ​​a comprehensive integrated accounting system that allows you to adjust your inventory and accounts in an easy, simple and professional way, in addition to advanced reports that inform you of the workflow in your company

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The best accounting program that finds advanced solutions for warehouse management and control, with full support for multiple units, material specifications, barcodes, serial numbers and validity dates, in addition to supporting inventory auxiliary programs on mobile devices

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Run your manufacturing processes better than ever, Phenix offers all the tools you need to launch a solid manufacturing management business and keep eyes on your costs and profits.

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Restaurant Solution

To manage your restaurant, you need multiple tools to help you achieve profit, reduce costs, and control warehouses.
Phenix Systems offers you the best accounting software for restaurants, with easy and professional interfaces to manage your restaurant

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Point of sales

With Phenix, you can define an unlimited number of categories, items, points of sale and users, in addition to customization capabilities at the computer, point of sale or user level.

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HR Solution

human resource management is one of the most important departments within companies, as it is concerned with the creation of the organizational structure of the company with its two parts (organizational structure, organizational instructions), and is concerned with managing one of the most important assets of the company, which is the human resource.

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Clinic Management

Phenix systems offer you the best powerful, easy and professional accounting program at the same time, you will be able to control your medical center financially and administratively, as the system includes comprehensive mechanisms to facilitate patient movement within the center, follow up on bills and provide services, supported by advanced financial, administrative, and service reports

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Phenix program offers a program to manage sales representatives the most important features that achieve successful management of the external sales process, starting from determining the commission rates of delegates on products to achieving the specific sales targets for each salesman.

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Through simple and quick steps, you can now publish your online store on Phenix systems servers with full compatibility and integration with your data stored within the Phenix system

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TAX Ready

Phenix system compatible with all tax systems, and it is licensed and approved by many government tax authorities

accounting system compatible with tax systems, an accounting program accredited by government agencies

Egyptian Tax Authority

An accounting system compatible with the systems of the General Authority for Zakat and Income in Saudi Arabia, an accounting program approved by the tax systems

Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority

accounting system compatible with tax systems, an accounting program accredited by government agencies


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top 10 Accounting software for service companies ,Electronic accounting software
phenix system ,best accounting software for companies,Fenix
A powerful and integrated accounting program for companies(ERB),phenixsoft
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In recent years, Phenix program has gained the trust of more than 15,000 customers in the Arab world, Turkey and Europe, which made it one of the best accounting programs in our time.


Restaurants and coffee shops


Distribution companies and general trading


Industrial Facilities


Retail and point of sales


Pharmaceutical Industries


other sectors

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