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Wasfaty platform and integration with Phenix systems: Healthcare technology

Wasfaty platform and integration with Phenix systems: Healthcare technology

 Healthcare efficiency is one of the most significant challenges facing the healthcare sector today. Despite the tremendous technological advancements in healthcare, the coordination between different systems and platforms continues to pose a major challenge. This is where the importance of integrating Phenix systems comes in to enhance the efficiency and quality of healthcare.

Phenix Systems and Wasfaty platform offer an opportunity for comprehensive integration between healthcare management processes, medical service delivery, and prescription dispensing. Through this integration, it is possible to improve data coordination, reduce medication errors, and enhance the speed and quality of care.

What is Wasfaty platform?

It is a national electronic prescription service in Saudi Arabia, aimed at facilitating the distribution of medications to patients and ensuring the availability of medications by linking hospitals and primary healthcare centers with community pharmacies.

This platform aims to improve healthcare services and accelerate the medication distribution process, benefiting both patients and healthcare providers. Wasfaty provides a fast and reliable mechanism for patients to receive the medication they need from the nearest pharmacy by linking electronic doctor prescriptions directly to pharmacies.

Using Wasfaty, patients can obtain the electronic prescription and present it at any participating pharmacy in the network to receive the medication immediately without the need to wait or travel between pharmacies. Wasfaty service is an innovative solution that facilitates electronic access to medications for patients.

What are the key features of Wasfaty platform?

Wasfaty platform offers many key benefits for both patients and healthcare institutions, here are some of the key benefits:

  • For patients:

    • Easy access to medications:

      Patients can access and download their prescriptions from the hospital or primary healthcare center directly to the nearest community pharmacy.

    • Improving medication adherence:

      Increases the likelihood of patient adherence to taking the prescribed medication according to the doses and number of prescriptions prescribed by the specialist doctor.

    • Saving time and effort:

      Patients can receive their prescriptions faster and easier without the need to visit the doctor again, reducing delays in accessing treatment.

  • For healthcare institutions:

    • Improving patient experience:

      Reduces waiting time and improves the experience of obtaining medication for patients, saving time and resources by reducing average waiting times in pharmacies, thus reducing administrative pressure on healthcare facilities.

    • Tracking prescriptions and medications:

      Wasfaty platform provides a more efficient system for tracking and managing prescriptions and medications prescribed for patients.

    • Reducing medication dispensing errors:

      By using digital prescription technology, medication errors associated with manually writing prescriptions can be reduced.

    • Facilitating medication dispensing process:

      The service can facilitate the process of dispensing medications in pharmacies and delivering them to patients more quickly and efficiently.

What are the integration features of Phenix with Wasfaty platform?

Phenix systems provide you with a comprehensive database of medications available on both platforms, so you don't have to enter data manually, to instantly display your prescription on Phenix, here are some features:

  • First: Facilitating the prescription dispensing process

    By linking your account in Phenix with the Wasfaty platform, the process of dispensing medication is greatly simplified. By using the patient's number and prescription number, you can easily access all prescription details including the diagnosis, required medications, number of required packages, quantity, individual price, and total price.

  • Second: Selecting medications by scientific name

    The healthcare team can access the trade name of the medication by searching using the drug's scientific name and specifying the concentration and package size in the database. This allows the medical team to determine the minimum and maximum number of packages to be dispensed, and also display available alternatives easily. The medical team can write a detailed reason for choosing alternatives, considering the doctor's instructions.

  • Third: Requesting approval for dispensing

    You can request approval to dispense specific medications by linking Phenix and the Wasfaty platform. Once the request is made, your medical team will receive an immediate response in green if the medication dispensing is approved, or in red if it is not approved with the possibility of deletion.

  • Fourth: Prescription dispensing and invoice downloading

    Thanks to integration, prescriptions can be tracked and dispensed efficiently, making the prescription dispensing process easier and entering relevant data regarding medication approval, dosages, and expiration dates. You can then easily print detailed invoices once the prescription is approved, and these invoices display accurate information about the dispensed medications including quantities, individual prices, and total prices.

  • Fifth: Providing accurate reports

    Systems integration can provide detailed and comprehensive reports on the status of invoices, including invoices that were successfully sent and those that failed to send.

  • Sixth: Reducing medication errors

    Through this integration, pharmacists can import prescriptions correctly. Additionally, medications can be precisely adjusted while considering medical instructions and reducing human error resulting from errors in transmission or dosage determination. This integration significantly contributes to improving patient safety and ensuring the delivery of healthcare with greater accuracy and efficiency.

In conclusion:

The integration of Phenix systems with the Wasfaty platform can be pivotal in improving healthcare efficiency by enhancing coordination between medical systems and advanced technologies.

The benefits resulting from this integration are reflected in reducing medical errors, improving patient safety, speeding up diagnosis and treatment, and enhancing the patient experience. Additionally, this integration helps in enhancing operational efficiency in healthcare processes and reducing costs, ultimately leading to better and more effective healthcare.

Improving efficiency in healthcare is not just a goal but a crucial necessity that the healthcare industry seeks to achieve sustainable and comprehensive improvement in care services and quality of life for patients. Therefore, healthcare institutions and medical technology manufacturers should move forward in adopting and implementing this integration widely, focusing on improving coordination and data exchange between various systems.





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