Phenix Clinics

This system was developed to serve clinics centers with different specializations in order to help facilitate the work of the center and organize the movement of the patient within it to reach a more accurate and faster service distinguishes the center from similar centers that use traditional paper systems.

A specialized system for the management of medical clinics provides the construction of a database of all elements of the center of medical staff and doctors' rooms and procedures rooms and services provided by the center and the allocation of examination card for each type of disease to facilitate the process of reception and work of the doctor.

Features of the system:

  • Departments - Services - Procedures - Doctors - Medical Staff - Rooms - Outpatient doctors
  • Define an unspecified number of fields for the patient card with the ability to search and filter in all those fields in the reception screen and generate reports based on that data.
  • Book an appointment for a patient by phone or directly, with the identification of all or some of the data of the appointment with the possibility of receiving an advance payment.
  • A dedicated screen to receive the patient from an appointment or directly and determine the doctor and the type of service or procedure required and the waiting room.
  • Generate an automatic invoice for the patient with the possibility of addition, modification or discount and link the invoice with an insurance company or private contracts.
  • Follow up the patient's movement within the center and know all the procedures that have been done and directing him to the doctor when it is time for inspection and indication.
  • View all previous patient data and records with the possibility of writing a prescription or procedure or transfer the patient to another department or to an external doctor.
  • Handling all payment cases by insurance companies and guarantors.
  • Full electronic archive of the patient from the date of his first visit to the center with all the pictures and analysis and procedures that have been done to him.
  • Organize appointments for permanent doctors and visitors.