Phenix - Payroll

Human Resources System is an integrated electronic system designed to manage operations in the human resources department within companies and factories.

The system has many features, including:

  • Easy-use multilingual user interface.
  • Possibility of classifying employees to groups.
  • The system supports variety types of permanence.
  • System of leaves and departures.
  • The control of financial transactions of employees (recurrent - non - recurring) in addition to the possibility of defining advances, compensation, social security.
  • Salary calculation and direct posting of accounting.
  • Possibility to settle salaries in banks.
  • Fully connect with Phenix Accounting and stores.
  • The possibility of identifying additional fields within the employee card, which gives the program dynamic and complete freedom in building the employee card commensurate with the activity of the institution.
  • The possibility of linking salaries and entitlements with productivity system of employees.
  • The possibility of working on a system of 24 hours for employees.
  • Flexibility in weekends policies and its calculation.
  • Direct linking the attendance control devices with the system.
  • Activating the system of workplaces and linking these workplaces to the monitoring devices and the possibility of linking each workplace with a special cost center and the distribution of the values of compensation and discounts of each employee on the employee's working places and show the related salary and entitlements of employees by each place when calculating salary.
  • A system of alerts for passport expiry dates or residency for renewal.
  • The possibility of determining the end of service indemnities for each employee individually.
  • Attendance reports (daily report and daily and hourly leave report in addition to the detailed departures report as well as these reports show movements in detail at the level of each employee or a group or the entire institution).
  • Financial reports (detailed advances report shows the date of the advance, its value, type and the residual value of the payment of the advance or loan, rewards, and penalties).