Pont Sale

A package dedicated to the service of retail companies and sales halls of different activities (supermarket - electrical - clothing - ....)

Here are some of the features of this package:

  • Designed to work with high-speed databases of hundreds of thousands of items.
  • The possibility of searching items using the name or barcode or serial number or code.
  • ability to Access and limited work for users at the level of each screen and process within the program.
  • Automatic recovery of the opened bill if the device is suddenly turned off.
  • Continue to work separately in case of disconnection from the server and then automatically sync when the connection is restored.
  • Assign a POS as a central cash for malls and super markets that have to export invoices from several POS and capture from a unified central device.
  • Allocation mechanism for returns and Relays (specific device-specific user - link with the sales bill - the application of the discount provided).
  • Work on more than one sale bill at the same time.
  • Add touch buttons for items without barcodes.
  • Receive more than one currency at once.
  • To receive several payment methods at once (cash, visa, coupon).
  • The possibility of closing the daily cache at the level of the user or time or device.
  • Monitor and address Fund differences directly.
  • The possibility of printing barcodes directly from the POS.
  • Balance barcode analysis without the need to deal with specific scales brands or recalibrate available scales.
  • Full support for items with serial numbers.
  • Multiple features for items with an expiry date.
  • Full support for all types of accessories.