Smart Waiter

Smart waiter app is a Phenix systems Android application that facilitates the work of a restaurant, and offers high flexibility to waiters to interact with his specified tables in terms of modifying the order and printing the orders, and has many features:
  • Direct connection with Phenix system through WIFI network.
  • The application import categories, items, prices and images.
  • Import the restaurant halls and tables, with the assignments of each waiter’s tables and halls specified within the specify waiter’s tables from the Phenix system directly.
  • The ability to add a table directly from the application.
  • The application supports multiple units of items.
  • Show pre-defined selection questions and link them with their prices directly on the application.
  • Full support of the pre-defined modifiers, in addition to the possibility of adding new modifiers directly from the application.
  • The available table operations are:
    • Review orders (the orders of the specified table).
    • Print the current bill (the color of the table changes when printing from its color if it is available or busy).
    • Transfer table orders to another table.
    • Close the table.
  • Full support for kitchen printers.
  • The application is available in both Arabic and English.