Inventory manager

Inventory manager application is useful in administrating items movements in stores, by controlling and observing the operations, and linking them to Phenix system directly, and has the following features:
  • Making stores transactions (input and output) with or without clients by delivering and receiving materials windows.
  • Comprehensive and full compatibility in exporting processes, whereas delivering transactions are linked with all output bills, and receiving transactions are linked to all input bills which had been already defined in Phenix system.
  • Full support of multi units, and delivering or receiving an item according to its units.
  • Inventory settlements according to each store and each item units, so that we put the current amount and export it to Phenix system through the inventory setlments.
  • You can have your item inventory according to its units separately, as it shows the quantity of each item units.
  • Separate barcodes for each item unit can be entered manually.
  • Reading items barcode and its units without intermediary applications.
  • Takes in consideration items validity dates when organizing its transactions to have full control on your stores, avoiding validity dates issues.
  • Direct and dynamic connection with Phenix via exporting the data whenever it’s possible to import it on Phenix.
  • The possibility of updating the data of the company simultaneously by connecting it with the main server, which each modification will be synchronized immediately.
  • Inventory manager App is available in both Arabic and English, and the language will be determined according to your device language automatically.
  • Inventory manager App is available on Google Play Store.