What isPTP?

PTP is a protocol of transferring data between Phenix databases.

Simplify the process of synchronizing informations between separate locations, and keep a copy of all databeses in one database.

The transfer of data is done through the Internet, where synchronization takes place every specific time period.

You don't need a fast internet connection to complete the synchronization.


Is my financial data SECURE?

Data security is the responsibility of users in this service, because the data is fully stored on the client servers.

Data is fully compressed and encrypted during synchronizations.

Simple portions of the data are stored on our servers, until all branches complete the sync proccess.

After the data is synchronized, the information is permanently deleted from our servers.

Phenix cloud or Phenix PTP?

Phenix PTP and Phenix Cloud both offer the possibility to centralize company data within a single database.

But actually there are big differences between them, as Phenix Cloud works fully on our servers, as well as data are stored instantly on our servers, which giving you a direct access to your data.

Phenix PTP is a protocol for transferring data between the servers of your company, if we assume that there are several branches, each branch has a separate server and this server will transfer data to the main server of your company every specific period of time, so you will have access to data with a delay in the time related to the Internet in the branch and the main server.

PTP service allows you to work in branches offline, without Internet and when the internet is available, the server will synchronize the data to the head office.

Both services are paid at an annual fee, but PTP requires local licenses within your company as well..


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