Phenix - Assets

Phenix fixed assets system is an electronic system designed to manage assets in all aspects in various types of companies.

Asset Management System Features:

  • Possibility of identifying assets within different locations and classifications.
  • Processing the transactions on asset depreciation, purchase, Guarantee, and maintenance.
  • Possibility of classifying all asset information (purchasing information, Guarantee, maintenance, sale, values).
  • Processing the financial transactions on assets "in addition to the asset and exclusion from the asset and the maintenance of the asset and the movement on it".
  • Processing the depreciation either in a fixed method or Accumulated depreciation or diminishing method or units production.
  • Reports help the user in the management of fixed assets: inventory of assets and depreciation of assets and other assets.
  • Automatic vouchers that automatically generate at each movement on the assets.
  • The possibility of depreciation over time periods (daily, monthly, yearly, between two dates).
  • Phenix Fixed Assets Reports:
    • Assets Inventory.
    • Asset activity report.
    • Asset operations report.
    • Asset productions.
    • Asset depreciation.