Phenix Restaurants

A set of phenix software operating within the restaurant package contains many features covering the requirements of all types of restaurants, whether the restaurant tables or fast food restaurant, the following are some of the most important features of this package:

  • The possibility of multiple POS within one restaurant with different types of work in each point (tables, fast food, delivery).
  • Set times and dates for offers and link them to special pricing types.
  • Ready notes for each item and special notes can be added before ordering.
  • Create a counter for each item that can be set daily to help monitoring the quantities of items sold.
  • Multiple hospitality and discount options.
  • Full support for restaurant printers and splitting orders for custom printers at the item level.
  • A special window for the kitchen shows the requests according to each table in addition to a section that combines the number of each request separately for processing.
  • Develop a scheme for the halls with the actual distribution of tables.
  • Customize lounges that each captain can work in.
  • Full support for tables transfers or integrate them.
  • Full support for the table bill division and distribution of items according to the number of people presents.
  • Full support to reserve tables by the hour and date appropriate for a defined customer or undefined with the possibility of canceling the reservation automatically.
  • Multiple mechanisms for presentation and composite meals (combo).
  • Ability to connect with the telephone line to identify the caller directly (delivery).
  • Review client details and previous billing details directly (delivery).
  • Specify a time to begin preparation and time for application submission (delivery).
  • A tablet device for Waiters to record orders.
  • E-menu device for customers to view materials.