Emenu - Pro

E-menu pro application is one of Phenix systems applications that are suitable with Android, and it is useful in facilitating and speeding up the ordering process within restaurants by providing the possibility for the customer to make self-orders through Android tablets, the application has the following features:
  • Direct connection with Phenix system through WIFI network.
  • The application import categories, items, prices and images.
  • Show all meals that are served within the restaurant and their pictures and prices in front of the customer.
  • The ability to link predefined selection questions in Phenix systems with the application directly.
  • The ability to link predefined modifiers and their prices with the application directly.
  • The ability to print the customer's order on the kitchen printers specified within the restaurant printers’ customization on Phenix system, as this request appears on the internal kitchen screen to be viewed by kitchen staff.
  • The possibility of confirming the order by the waiter as the waiter enters his password so that the order is confirmed after reviewing it with the customer.
  • Phenix Emenu App is available in both Arabic and English, and the language will be determined according to your device language automatically.