Online Shop

The e-Store package is a set of services that facilitate the sales through a website connected to the e-Store through the global payment methods, by using mobile applications that are compatible with the Android-IOS environment that includes the following features:
  • Synchronize the materials with its images from the program to the website directly.
  • Linking the website automatically with the materials stores.
  • Monitor and synchronize the status of the orders within the program with actual order status (shipped, payment accepted - delivered)
  • Make e-payment in several ways (bank transfer - Visa - Master Card)
  • Sending e-mails to the customers of the status of an order (the order has been shipped - the order is being processed - the payment has been accepted).
  • Add notes related to the order received by the customer's e-mail.
  • Customize Discounts for certain materials within specified time periods.
  • Allocate discount coupons to specific customers within a specific time range.
  • Ability to assign discounts to customers groups.
  • Control the banner and pages of the site easily and smoothly within the program.
  • The ability to send the customers notifications including promotional information and various offers within the program directly to the customer's mobile.
  • Add product brands through the program and synchronize them with the site directly.
  • Support several models of molds suitable for sold products.
  • Appropriate applications running on the android and IOS environment.