Haffar and Akkad Co. was founded in 2003, and started by developing a basic accounting system, and in couple few years this system has developed to be one of the most famous solutions in the arab world .
In a few years the company was able to gain more than four thousands customers in the middle east, and it has occupied an advanced position between the competitors in the area..

Haffar and Akkad Time line

What isPhenix

phenix all packeges

Phenix offers solutions for managing accounts and inventory in various types of commercial , industrial and services sectors, throughpowerful and easy to use interfaces in both Arabic and English languages.

Phenix has won the confidence of more than 4000 customers in the Arab world, phenix provide technical support services through company branches or for free and permanently through our support center in the Arab world through the company Website, to make sure that we stay in touch with our customers.

Phenix use MySQL database that developed by Oracle Company, MySQL is free and you can download and use it from MySQL website.

Phenix is protected by dongle, and supports work on the network easily, and anyone can install the software on several computers on the network.

General Specifications

  • Multiple companies: Phenix lets you create an unlimited number of companies with the possibility of different activity for each company.
  • Multiple branches: The program provides the ability to manage an unlimited number of branches at the level of each company with separate financial statements (for the budget, trading and profit and loss) at the level of each branch.
  • Multiple types: the program allows defining unlimitedtypesfor bills and bonds at the level of each branch.
  • The process of importing data from Excel is easy through copies of the Excel file and pasting directly into the program.
  • Documents archive: you can attach unlimited documents to every bill, voucher, client card, item card…
  • Full support for offers and orders.
  • Full support for Tax (VAT and TTC).
  • The program provides the ability to manage assets.
  • The ability to send emails and SMS directly from the system.
  • Advanced linking capabilities with Excel.